Don’t Do Pretty.

Do Powerful. Do Smart. Do Extraordinary.

Do a tsunami of stardust that leaves a sprinkle of you in every moment of life.

Our luxury collections hold a contemporary edge with stylish statement pieces that get people talking.

Wearing Don’t Do Pretty empowers confidence and embodies individuality with complete pleasure for the wearer.



At Don’t Do Pretty you may have heard that we like to Eat Problems for Breakfast.

We want you to eat them too! Through our fashion blogs we want to share our journey and challenge our clients to think more about their fashion choices and the impacts of what we buy and wear.

Don’t Do Pretty is more than a shopping destination. We want to empower our world wide clients to make powerful choices and create a movement from how the fashion industry currently operates to one that is sustainable for the future of our world.

We want to show you the added value of our luxury label and help you appreciate the true costs of Don’t Do Pretty so you can wear fashion and style with confidence.



At Don’t Do Pretty we aim to always Catch Excellence.

We hand pick each and every one of our suppliers to ensure we are always offering you quality. Not just quality clothes, but also the best practices throughout the development of our collections.

We research every step of our production to ensure it aligns with our values of empowerment so you can rest assured you are buying into a luxury label that works to support the environment and the people along the way.



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